Some scholars in disaster management field say that Indonesia is a supermarket of natural disaster ! Based on scientific data may be appropriate to say that Indonesia has more natural disasters than other countries in the regions, though there are many ways to understand the data. 

CEMIJ activities focusing on disaster management in Indonesia will be enhanced, enriched and expanded in the year of 2015 in collaboration with our pratners, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Asia Muslim Charity Foundation (AMCF) as well as other partners in disaster management.

Upon the request came from the government of Garut in Indonesia, CEMIJ dispatched its expert to the city of Garut which is known as one of the highest risk-rnaking cities in Indonesia in order to assess its disaster management training needs in collabotration with the AMCF in March 2015.

The representation of the government of Garut provided their insights regarding the preparedness level and the trainng needs. The CEMIJ expert also provided a presentation which depicts the lessons learned from the 311 Japanese Tsunami disaster.

Based on the findings, the AMCF and CEMIJ will develop a training program for the government of Graut in the near future.