A command team of the Ministry of Social Affaris (MOSA) with emergency management responsibilities, headed by the Director visited Japan in April 2017.

The team traveled from Tokyo to Fukuoka by using land transportation. A command, control and communications vehicle of CEMIJ were mobilized together with the multi-purpose disaster response van for this land travel. 

The team assessed the highway emergency and disaster management facilities on the way to Yamaguchi province, which are called as service areas and parking areas in Japan that have disaster preparaedness programs in order to accommodate motorlists and near-by residents. The service aeras and parking aeras will become emergency shelters, logistical base and filed command post.

The team was also invited by the Iwakuni Emergency and Fire Management Center and Yamaguchi Emergency and Fire Academy where the team members had series of discussion regarding the methods used for command and control in Japan. A simulated emergency response demonstration was provided by the Iwakuni Fire Department.

Also, the team visited the University of East Asia and obaseveda paramedical program.

The team implemented remote command and control activities by using a CEMIJ's command vehicle to deal with real land slide disasters occurred in Indonesia during the visit in Japan.